Over 1 Million Roofs Coated Worldwide Since 1972, Nutech Paint, Stands The Test Of Time.


pailsOur manufacturing facilities produce more than 1.6 million liters of roof coatings per year, resulting in over 1 Thousand Roofs each week, around the world, been coated with Nutech Paint.

Nutech has developed a range of roof finish’s for outstanding water,  alkali, Infrared & UV resistance, with excellent gloss retention, hardness, flexibility and adhesion promotion for proven weathering performance. over 1 million roofs coated, and over 45 years R&D can’t be wrong!  

Our Eco Paint range, including NXT Cool Coat Infrared heat reflective roof coating incorporating Nano-Technology, will keep your home up cooler and save you money during summer months, and also insolate and waterproof during winter months . With specialty primers and sealers for all roofing surfaces providing cross-linking technology for a sound base the roof needs to provide years of locked in success. This coupled with Nutech’s standard manufactured warranty or full coverage labor and martial warranty, offer the true proven protection.

For Cement Tile Roofs


For Iron or Metal Roofs


Decramastic Roof Coatings


Flat Roof Coatings


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