NXT Cool Zone


NXT ® Cool Zone®
Heat Reflective Coating

It’s a scientific fact – with Nutech NXT® Cool Zone® technology your roof will last longer and save you money.

How Does NXT® Cool Zone® Heat Reflective Roof Coating work to cool your home?

NXT® Cool Zone® is a remarkable new roof coating utilising revolutionary thermal protection technology to reduce the temperature of your home. Containing heat reflective properties NXT® Cool Zone® repels the heat of the sun to leave your roof surface cooler. Infused with self cleaning compounds it also retains it’s gloss and visual appearance longer.

Unpainted roof tiles, coloured metal sheeting and conventional dark coloured roof paint including black, charcoal and deep browns and reds absorb 97% of the sun’s heat.

Until now a white reflective roof coating was the only way to prevent your roof heating up. However white and highly reflective coatings are not usually acceptable from a design perspective.

NXT® Cool Zone® is manufactured by the multi award winning Nutech paint, Australia’s largest and oldest roof coating specialists. Nutech has spent more on roof coating research and development than all our competition combined and is backed by more than 40 years of experience.nxtvc

rrSimply put, NXT® Cool Zone® reflects the sun’s heat before it can heat your roof. NXT® Cool Zone® can keep the surface of your roof up to 20 to 30°C cooler. Tests have confirmed that rooms below will be kept a comfortable 6 to 10°C cooler.

Protect Your Investment and Save Money

In New Zealand, roof colours are inspired by the rich reds, browns, terra cottas and greys typically found in our diverse natural landscale. When restoring and painting a roof owners want to restore these original colours, or upgrade the appearance of their roof to match the newest decorator colours being used by leading roof tile companies.

Colour is a vital component of building design and the deep earthy colours common in roof tiles are important to house designers and home owners. Unfortunately, traditional dark coloured roof tiles soak up the sun getting hotter as the day progresses.

When the roof space becomes overheated, this heat is transferred from hot to cooler regions. Typically this results in the heat from the roof cavity transferring to the living space and increasing the internal temperature which becomes unbearable. Due to rising energy costs, air conditioning is becoming increasingly expensive to run in terms of both dollars and resources. How would you like to choose your roof colour and know that dark colours don’t need to be hot colours, where aesthetics and functionality can go hand in hand? What you are about to read will change your thinking about roof paint and the costs of cooling your home.

NXT® Cool Zone® Heat Reflective Roof Coating helps keep your roof and home cooler, without sacrificing colour and design. This nu-technology reduces the amount of sunlight your roof absorbs, dramatically lowering the heat build up.

How NXT® Cool Zone® Saves You Money

Lower cooling requirements translate into cost savings for home owners and more:

  • Water savings from reduced evaporative air conditioning
  • Lower urban heat island build up resulting in reduced ozone and healthier living
  • Reduced electricity usage conserving energy and valuable resources
  • Encourages recycling of older viable roof structures
  • Reduced product replacement costs i.e. air conditioning equipment and roofs.

Help Protect our environment with a Socially Responsible Roof Coating

Tomorrow’s Technology Today – NXT® is a high energy efficient coating that reduces summer cooling costs, reduces peak energy usage and helps reduce pollution, fossil fuel usage, land fill and extends building lifespan.

NXT® Cool Zone® helps reduce pollution, smog, the urban heat island effect and global warming. Outdoor and indoor air quality is improved due to compliant VOC levels, no hazardous air pollutants and low odour. Used liquid coating and dry coating can be fully recycled.

To help our environment, NXT® Cool Zone® is the first roof paint manufactured in Australia compliant with EU and USA regulations regarding VOC content and biocides.

Volatile organic Compounds (VOCs) are organic compounds found in paints, fuels and some household products. VOCs are a major source of environmental pollution (ozone) and studies have shown that breathing air with high ozone concentrations aggravates symptoms of people with pulmonary disease and causes increases rates of asthma attacks. People with respiratory problems such as asthma, young children, elderly and persons with heightened sensitivity to chemicals may be more susceptible to illness from VOC exposure.

Superior Durability and Appearance

Nutech NXT® Cool Zone® is manufactured from premium 100% acrylic resins and fade resistant micronised pigments infused with saturated colour and is highly resistant to chemicals., UV light and heat. NXT® Cool Zone® is enhanced with surface cleaning nano technology for improved dirt resistance and water beading. The result is a next generation high performance roof coating with superior durability that is heat reflective, 100% waterproof and has a guaranteed long lasting beautiful appearance.

nxt_introNutech NXT Cool Zone – High Gloss Finish

NXT Cool Zone High Gloss Acrylic is the standard finish that combines revolutionary Heat Reflective Technology with an appearance that will endure for years. Available in 36 Standard Colours and 9 Pastel Colours you can enhance your roof in a full gloss finish while also cooling your home




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